Mobile Applications

Reduce your distance from the market
The trader Mobile App is a tool that allows users to trade and view market data in any place, some of which have been listed below:
  • viewing market information
  • viewing top 5 market prices
  • viewing legal and natural people's trades
  • The facility to use the calculator in putting orders
  • Access to the history of orders and trades
  • Portfo definition and sending group orders through it
  • Access to CODAL and TSETMC in each symbol
  • Viewing portfolios along with its instantaneous profit and loss
  • Access to the portfolio's circular charts based on its volume and value
  • Sending orders with customized volume display
  • Receiving instantaneous messages from the market and system monitoring
  • The possibility of electronic payment
  • The possibility to register the Initial public offering by order registration method
  • The possibility to order multiple volume threshold
  • The possibility to cancel orders in groups.