Trade as quickly and dexterously as Puma
The on-line Execution Trading System (EMS)is one of the facilities that Datx has created for brokerage firms to access the matching core as a trading station. This facility allows them to send out their orders only on the Internet platform and without any need for specific communication lines.
Some of the facilities of Puma Trader are as following:
  • Viewing market watch with details
  • Viewing market depth price in any symbols
  • The possibility of collecting bid and ask queues from market depth price
  • Controlling shares and Rial balance of customers while ordering
  • Observing current orders in each customer separately and applying changes to it 
  • The possibility of editing and canceling all active orders
  • Displaying the positions of traders' orders in market depth price
  • Viewing the history of customers' orders and transactions 
  • Building basket orders and sending them in groups
  • Buying and selling for a group of customers by only one click
  • Making Initial public offering orders through uploading an excel file
  • The possibility of multiple volume threshold ordering of a symbol with only one request
  • Being alert to the latest data changes through defining notifications
  • Using shortcut keys to make trading easy for traders