Welcome to the new world of the on-line trading system!
The Application Programming Interface (API) enables using data or provides software system's functions. API is a stable, organized, and standard way to access software resources and connect different software systems together. APIs are essential for designing high- quality systems that provides data sharing and functions efficiently. APIs are not usually observable, they do not have user interfaces and end-users are not directly connected, but they are embedded within the systems and called by software. APIs are used to connect machines and integrate two or more systems. In fact, programmers and developers are the only ones who are connected to the APIs directly.

Datx API Manager has been developed through using state-of-the-art technologies based on successful experiences in DATX.
This product is designed to:
  • Make a quick and easy access to all the information in the matching core in stock exchange market.
  • Develop customized user interfaces.
  • have access to the infrastructures for developing algorithmic trading.
The user panel of this product gives useful information to the user. In other words, displaying general instructions such as how to get Tokens as well as viewing the APIs defined in the system and how to call them are the facilities of this panel.