Futures Contracts

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Futures contracts

Capital market participants have always tended to use various tools to minimize their trading risk, one of which has recently entered the Tehran's Stock Exchange is the futures contract that is a two-way agreement between the buyer and the seller. The seller undertakes to sell a certain number of basic shares at a specified maturity and at the price determined at the date of the contract and in return the buyer commits to purchase those shares at the specified maturity. Thanks to the development of the capital market's access infrastructure through online trading systems, that requirement was raised by the market executives with OMS companies and they called for investors to access these contracts through online trading systems. To do so, Datx has started to produce a system that allows users to access this market quickly and easily. Some of which have been mentioned below:

1- Operating expansively with a web-based framework
2- Using the latest tools for producing software based on Java and Oracle
3. Speed ​​and security
4- Flexibility in defining new facilities