Brokerage Monitoring

Capital Markets and financial institutes have their own sensitivities and are high alerting. Indicating any appropriate activity in the shortest time is the first step to providing sustainable services to customers. In order to fulfill that they need surveillance agents in various layers not only on Hardware, Applications, Network, and communications but also the user's activity.

DATXsoft Monitoring system makes it possible to visualize real-time status of Servers, connectivities, and resources and show any dysfunctions graphically.
DATXsoft monitoring system visualizes customer activities in real-time and makes this vision for the management to support dissensions in disasters and help to prevent most of them.
The brokerage can have a vision on market reactions and can have effective data to respond to them. 

 The UI is very user-friendly and no need for any technical skills and need minimum training to create new visualizations. 
We use the fastest technology in the DB side to make the visualization of the greate amount of data possible.